Park Info

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  • Costs paid to Rock River Leisure Estates:

    • Annual Dues - $500.00 (Due May 31st, 2022)
    • Annual Garbage/Recycle Fee/Maintenance Equipment Purchases- $175.00 (Due May 31, 2022)
    • Annual Water Maintenance Fee - $75.00 (TBD based on budget) Separate check paid to RRLE Water Co-Op (Due July 1, 2022) Please: DO NOT COMBINE with ANNUAL DUES/REFUSE PAYMENT.
    • New Owner Property Transfer Administration Fee/Mailbox Included - $100.00 (All new owners required to pay one time property transfer & mailbox fee at the time of closing)
    • Optional: Mailbox Rental - $50.00 (one-time fee for existing owners) Mailbox # matches your lot #
    • Optional: Storage Area Fee – S-$65.00, M-$75.00, L-$90.00, XL-$120.00, Steel carport sites add $10 per lot. All lots are annual contracts (per availability) Secured area
    • Optional: Boat Dock Slip - $600.00 annually (per availability) Secured area
    • Optional: Wave Runner Slip - $200.00 annually (per availability) Secured area

    Cost Paid to other entities:

    • Quarterly (4X’s/year) sewer fee to Consolidated Koshkonong Sanitary District (CKSD)
    • Annual Property Taxes to Rock County/Town of Fulton
    • Telephone (CenturyTel) & (Spectrum/Charter Communication)
    • Cable & Internet (Spectrum/Charter Communication) (Dish network or DIRECTV satellite services)
    • Utilities– Electric/Natural Gas (Alliant Energy)

    RRLE Facts:

    • Total of 554 lots with an average lot size of approximately 60’ x 100’

    • The largest RV unit allowed on a lot is 400sq. ft. Park Model

    • Cottage Lots allow one single-family dwelling construction, size: min. foundation 1000 sq. ft. and max. foundation size 1500 sq. ft. Garages are allowed on Cottage Lots, 30% max. development of Lot

    • PERMANENT LIVING ON RV LOTS IS NOT PERMITED, 275 maximum nights allowed (nonconsecutive)

    • Maximum shed size is 225 sq. ft. -Example:(15’x15’) (14’x16’)

    • Maximum addition size is 400 sq. ft., maximum deck size depends on the 25% development of lot

    • Seven miles of paved roads

    • Security includes key pad front entrance gate system

    • Two high capacity water systems, well – tested monthly. Governed by elected five-member Board of Directors of the RRLE Water Co-Op

    • Governed by seven-member Board of Directors – Elected by property owners

    • 12 (guest only) RV sites available - $40.00 per night Memorial Day thru Labor Day - $30.00/night weeks prior to Memorial Day and after Labor Day. (water/electric/sewer)

    • Rental areas for activities/parties (Loft and Pavilion/Kitchen $100.00 +$50.00 deposit)

    • Weekend activities throughout the summer

    • All property owners must have liability Insurance on all golf carts, mopeds, UTV to operate on RRLE roads. (Proof of insurance must be submitted to the office by May 31st, 2022) Once registered at office each vehicle will be given an annual certification sticker to be placed on the lot# plate on rear of vehicle must visible and unobstructed view. Insurance stickers are $5/per vehicle. If not paid by July 1 cost is doubled.

    Park Covenants, By-Laws, and Other Documents:

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  • Click here to Download a PDF Version of the Park Covenants
  • Click here to Download a PDF Version of the Articles of Incorporation